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Fetter with Duct Tape

Fetter with Duct Tape

It is inexpensive and robust: duct tape or gaff tape. Not only cars and large tarpaulins can be repaired with it. They are also very suitable for tying up. But you have to pay attention to some things when tying up. This guidebook should help you to perform the perfect Panzertape bondage.

If you want to tie up your partner with Panzertape, you should know beforehand that there are a few things to consider. Tape has a strong adhesive layer on one side. If you stick the Panzertape directly on the skin, it will stay in this place. If you remove the armour tape later, hairs can be torn out of the skin. If you have a sensitive thin skin, small cracks can also appear when removing the tape. The adhesive can also cause allergic reactions.

That doesn't sound so tingling at first. We show you how you can still live out your first bondage fantasies without having to resort to expensive equipment.

Bondage preparation

Before you can even tie up with duct tape, you should check for skin irritation. Glue a very small piece of duct tape on the skin of the sub and let it stay there for half an hour. Does it itch unpleasantly and does it cause a rash or an allergic reaction? Then Panzertape is not suitable for you to tie up and you should use bondage tape or bondage ropes.

Panzertape sticks very firmly to the skin. To remove it later, you should have scissors at hand. Test beforehand if the scissors really cut through the tape. Also test the cut with several layers of duct tape on top of each other. If this works well, continue.

Tie up like a professional with duct tape

Forget all that you know from numerous action movies. Tying up with armored tape is much more complicated when it has to be safe. The first and easiest way is to tie up while you are dressed. This way you avoid allergies or tearing of the skin. However, it can also mess up your clothes, because the adhesive residues are difficult to remove later.

Mit Panzertape gefesselt - Schematische Zeichnung Check.Toys

Classic way: Being tied up on the chair. The slave sits straight on the chair and the bondage master wraps the armour tape around the belly and the chair back. He does the same with the chest and the back of the chair. It can be also 4 or 5 layers of armour tape. With this you have reached the basic position. Then follow the hands, which are brought together at the wrists behind the back. To do this, attach the armour tape only to the sleeves (for example of the hoody) and then glue the two wrists together. Then follow the ankles. Wrap Panzertape around the longer socks or around the trousers and connect them to the back leg of the chair. Have you done the skin test before? Then stick a piece of armour tape over your mouth. Perfectly tied up.

If you just want to wrap the armour tape around your wrists etc., a layer of clothing underneath is essential. If you want to do without clothes, you can still tie up with duct tape. But then you have to pay attention to a few small things. Note that Panzertape can leave a mark on your clothes. So you might not want to wear the highest quality hoodie.

Naked tied up with armoured tape

As mentioned in the beginning, the glue on the skin is a big problem. But there is a simple trick: Take for each wrist an armour tape strip of about 80cm. Then fold the tape over about 25cm from the end of the strip and stick the adhesive side to the adhesive side. This will now be your own handcuff.

You wrap the handcuff around your wrist so that the end of the cuff (with the double adhesive edge) is facing the skin. This way no glue is connected to the skin. Then you wrap the cuff around the wrist. As soon as you reach the sticky part, you stick Panzertape on Panzertape. Then you can glue the wrists together again with new armour tape, your skin is protected. The same way you make your ankle cuffs. There the first strip should be 1,10cm long.

If you use the prepared piece as a cuff, you have two advantages:

  1. The duct tape does not stick directly to the skin.
  2. It is easier to remove later.

You shouldn't tie those ropes too tight. Panzertape has a fabric structure inside made of single thin threads. If you pull the tape too tight, there is a danger of cuts to the skin. So don't overdo it and handle the tape on your limbs like normal cuffs: Not too loose, but not too tight either. There should be a little room to move, so that you can cut the armor tape well again later with scissors.

With these self-made cuffs you can now try out all possible bondage positions. More about bondage positions can be found in our articles Bondage for beginners and Bondage for advanced users: Positions for the bondage slave.

Gloves made of duct tape

With Panzertape you can not only make normal hand and foot cuffs, but also complete bondage gloves. These are basically mittens that are firmly attached to the wrists. A sub who wears gloves made of dict tape is very limited in his possibilities to escape during the bondage session. The danger that the sub can free himself by dexterity is thus history.

How do you make bondage gloves out of duct tape? First you make a normal handcuff out of duct tape, put it on, but don't put it on yet. Then the sub must clench his hand to his fist and you stick a strip from the inside of the cuff, which is facing the skin, over the ball of your fist and on the other side of your hand back to the cuff. You do this until the fist is completely covered with duct tape. Then you tighten the handcuff properly so that the gauntlet does not come loose.

Making handcuffs out of duct tape

Since the adhesive sides of the duct tape are now facing outwards, you have to pull some more layers of duct tape over the bondage glove from the outside, until finally there is no more visible adhesive side on the outside. You can also pull the individual layers for the gauntlet a bit tighter if they are too loose. And you have already made a cheap bondage glove where the sub cannot escape so easily.

Fesselhandschuhe aus Panzertape basteln Check.Toys

If the preparation is much too elaborate for you, you can also wrap the body with cling film and then tie up the body with duct tape. The foil will inevitably make the sub sweat, similar to a latex suit. The big advantage of using foil is that there are no unsightly traces of glue, neither on the skin nor on the clothes. If you are sensitive to heat, you should not be completely wrapped with foil in the first few attempts, but only partially (e.g. the upper body and hands). By the way, cling film is also ideal for tying up. Several layers ensure that the sub cannot free itself.

Fesselhandschuhe selbst gemacht aus Panzertape Check.Toys
Bondage with Duct Tape

An alternative to armoured tape is bondage tape. This has the great advantage that it only sticks to itself. Thus the above mentioned risks of injury are almost completely minimized. It does not stick to the skin and does not tear the skin when removed. And you can reuse it. Armor tape ends up in the garbage instead.


If the preparation with the armour tape is too complex for you or you want to avoid that adhesive residues collect on your clothes, you should try Bondagetape.


With Panzertape you can tie up your partner well. However, Panzertape is not suitable for self-bondage practices, because there you would have to use scissors to loosen the bondage yourself, which is difficult to do. However, Panzertape can be used for very creative bondage. Our instructions for the Panzertape bondage glove show that you do not have to be a bondage professional.

But Panzertape also has disadvantages. It remains a disposable item. Shackles made of leather create a much more comfortable wearing feeling. Even the adhesive scent of Panzertape is not loved by everyone. Panzertape on clothes can cause stupid stains.

But if you tie up carefully with Panzertape and don't just untie it like in the typical movies, but prepare your bondage well, then Panzertape is an ingenious alternative to normal bondage. Do you already have some experience in tying up with Panzertape? Ideas and suggestions are welcome.