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How does Cum taste?

How does Cum taste?

You want to sweeten your nasty dreams? Before you swallow cum, you may want to know what it tastes like. In today's article we will look into the question of what sperm tastes like. What does sperm taste like when it ends up in your mouth? Many people say it tastes salty. Others say it is sweet or bitter. But these would be total opposites. Cum can't taste sweet, salty and bitter at the same time. So what's the problem? There is no flaw. The answer is simple: sperm tastes different according to the men. Drinking beer often makes cum taste bitter. Fresh pineapple makes sperm pleasantly sweet. Nutrition plays an important role in the taste of cum.


What do I have to eat to make my cum more tasty?

It's not just the pineapple that makes cum sweet. The taste can be positively influenced by a variety of foods. Parsley, fruit, vegetables and drinking lots of water makes your cum sweet. Pizza, pasta and anything that contains a lot of carbohydrates makes cum salty.

Fish and meat make it bitter. The smell of cum is also much stronger due to it. But there is no fish taste. Instead, it tastes like butter flavors.

After the consumption of many dairy products, cum tastes of sour milk. Dairy products make sperm unenjoyable. In the same way, garlic, onions and alcohol are a real taste killer.

What flavours are served?


Truffle: Black truffle taste? Genius. If the cum tastes like that, you are one of the lucky ones whose cum is in high demand.


Oysters: Slightly salty in taste like an oyster? Many describe cum with this taste. Not everyone likes them, because the taste of oysters takes getting used to. But those who like the delicacy will love this cum taste. Sometimes also with a salty seaweed note.


Nutty: Mild and with a slightly nutty note. This cum will also taste good to you. A diet low in milk and meat helps to create this taste.


Expired sour cream: Have you eaten too many dairy products? Then an Ayran-like consistency and a sour, unpleasant milk taste could be the result.


Detergents: Does cum taste like soap or chlorine? This bitter aroma is often caused by too much meat and fish consumption. Less of it helps to create a more pleasant taste of sperm.


Rubber: You first use a condom for a blow job, by just before the cum gets into your mouth, you remove it? Then the rubber aroma can still be present in your mouth.


Coins: Does the cum taste like metal? Then spices, garlic and onions are a reason for the unpleasant taste. Just eat less of it next time.


Salty mushrooms: Slimy and salty mushrooms, sperm can also taste like this. The consistency is caused by the consumption of many carbohydrate-containing foods. Less of it makes the consistency much more pleasant.


Did you get the taste?

Swallowing cum is by no means abnormal. However, you should always remember that pathogens and viruses can also be transmitted. If you change your sex partners often, you should carefully consider whether you want to swallow the sperm in advance.

What does your cum taste like?

Have you ever tasted your own cum? What does it taste like? If you want your partner to swallow your cum, it would be clever if you knew what it tastes like. And maybe that will bring you one step closer to swallowing sperm after a blow job.