Swallow your Cum

Many are getting horny when they swallow their own sperm. In this guide we show you how to swallow your own sperm perfectly and which position is best suited for this.

Sperm has a very unique, usually salty taste. The only way to find out what your cum really tastes like is to try it. If you are lucky, your sperm will taste slightly nutty or like truffles. In the worst case, your sperm tastes like old coins or cleaning agents. Conveniently, you can influence the taste a little. You can find a guide to this here.

How should your cum get to the own mouth?

The easiest way to try your cum is to simply masturbate, cum on your own fingers or hand and then lick it. Later, you can also ejaculate on the palm of your hand and pick up more sperm with your tongue or let the sperm flow into your mouth. Professionals also simply wixx in a glass and drink it directly afterwards.

Many think that swallowing their cum is exciting, but when it comes to it, they like to turn back. If you are sporty enough, you can try the following jerking off position. You lie down on a soft surface (an extra towel behind your head is helpful to avoid unwanted messes). Then you do a kind of backward roll; so far that your penis is directly above your face. The knees are then at the top of your head and can also be supported by the pad. You can now jerk off into this position. Important: In this jerking position you should be flexible. Always make sure that you do not overdo your neck. Here is a drawing for orientation:
Position to swallow your cum

So that you don't pull back just before you reach orgasm, you can put on a so-called mouth spreader. This is a gag that keeps your mouth open. This is an effective way to avoid pulling out. When you realize you are coming, you just have to aim right at your face. Not every sperm squirt will get into your mouth, but one or two will certainly get there. Thanks to an applied mouth spreader, you will start swallowing quite quickly. So you can swallow your own sperm without any big if-and-but.

Swallowing your cum is not dangerous

Unlike if you swallow cum from your partner, you cannot infect yourself with viruses or sexually transmitted diseases when swallowing your sperm. You are merely returning what is coming out of your body anyway. Therefore swallowing your own sperm is SAFE.

Since the amount of cum is usually also very small (only a few millilitres), the stomach is not upset or anything like that. It's like eating a teaspoonful of yoghurt, only the taste is different.

Create fake cum for tasting

If you still have doubts about tasting and swallowing cum, you can also create "artificial cum" and try it first.  Here are two cum recipes:

  1. Use a fresh egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. You only use the egg white. Then add a little buttermilk or condensed milk. A little salt should not be missing and the cum cocktail is ready. However, there is always the risk of salmonella.
  2. Prepare the cum cocktail by thickening the condensed milk with starch or potato flour. Boil some water with condensed milk (ratio 1:3) and the starch and stir it well. A good pinch of salt follows and you are done. Then let the mixture cool down. It is not necessary to cool it down, since your own sperm is usually still a little bit warm.

You can simply take the homemade cum into your mouth shortly before your cum climax when masturbating. You'll love it.